Veronica and Dan’s Trailer | A Detroit Athletic Club Romance

Let me tell you a little bit about wedding coordinators. Plain and simple, we love them. They make everything about planning a wedding easier for a bride and groom, and they have everything organized so the couple can focus on what matters most – having a great time! So, when a wedding coordinator gets married it’s their turn to enjoy their day; celebrate with their loved ones and to let us do what we do best, capture their story. We’ve come to know Veronica as the coordinator of many weddings we’ve filmed at the Detroit Athletic Club, but on a beautiful sunny day in February she got to be the bride.

Veronica and Dan’s story starts at the DAC. Dan was a member, she an employee, they went on a few dates but kept their relationship quiet until the time was right (with a little coaching from Veronica’s sister!). Fast forward to their wedding day, in the same building where they first met.

Veronica spent the morning getting ready and laughing with her bridal party. She told us that apparently the day before the wedding on a hunting trip, a shotgun shell with the name “Danny” on it was found in her dad’s bag. This was slightly worrying, but once we met Veronica’s dad it was clear it was all in good fun, and that he couldn’t be happier to welcome Dan into his family as his daughter’s husband. The rest of the day was full of fun, laughter, and beautiful sunshine. We enjoyed shooting alongside JLB Photography and Emerald City Designs (some of our other fabulous wedding coordinator friends) kept everything beautiful and organized.

We couldn’t be happier to share Veronica and Dan’s wedding film trailer with you! We wish them many years of happiness. And Veronica, we think you should only respond to “Mrs. Seder” for at least a year. It’s only fair 😉

Shelby and Ethan’s Wedding Film

I am SO excited to share Shelby and Ethan’s feature film!! Now that the chill of winter is behind us, we can look upon it with fondness in the form of their beautiful Detroit Athletic Club winter wedding! Shelby and Ethan have been an absolute joy to work with, and they capture what we love best about making wedding films: we got to tell their beautiful love story, and create a memory for them that will remain long after their wedding day.  What I love about their story is their joy and gratitude in celebrating with the people they love.  Everything about the day was about the relationships that had brought them to this point.  They were kind enough to give us a bit more insight into their story before the wedding day!

Shelby and Ethan’s love story began in what they would both consider the most unlikely of places – new employee orientation in Milwaukee, Wisconsin in June 2011. After three long days, it was finally time to head back to Chicago. Ethan and Shelby had talked briefly throughout the three days – most notably Ethan commented on her small stature which is ironic given the fact that he is not a beacon of height either – but the connection really began on the 90 minute train ride back to the Windy City.  On his ride to his apartment from the train station, Ethan called his mom to let her know he met someone…someone special.


On September 21st, 2013 at the Michigan State vs. Notre Dame game at Notre Dame, Ethan proposed to Shelby overlooking the Golden Dome and the Grotto. Together they went to the Grotto and light a candle for their future together. Ethan had planned the engagement for weeks, if not months. He first took a trip to New York City to design Shelby’s ring with the help of his mom, he of course asked her parents permission,  and then made sure that all the parents were at the game to surprise Shelby after the proposal.  Ethan thought of every last detail and functioned as “air traffic control” for a full 48 hours trying to get everything “just right”.  It was an amazing day filled with SO much love and laughter…that love, laughter and joy would continue for another 15 months as the two planned their winter wedding for December 12th, 2014.

The entire wedding planning process was an amazing experience from beginning to end. It brought both the Winstanley family and the Douville family closer than ever before. The love and joy that was bestowed upon Ethan and Shelby were more than they could ever imagine. They truly feel blessed and honored for all the love, support and generosity from their family and friends.


After 15 months of planning and organizing the day had finally arrived – December 12th, 2014. Ethan will tell you that he wasn’t nervous one bit for the wedding, Shelby on the other hand was a bundle of nerves, joy and excitement. The two truly balanced each other out throughout all of the wedding festivities. From beginning to end, the day was truly the best, most magical day of their lives. It was an emotional and happy day for so many reasons – Shelby and Ethan were thrilled to be celebrating their union but were also thrilled to be celebrating all of the people who have gotten them to that point. The two would not be the people they are today without the constant love and support of their amazing families and friends. It was truly a magical day; a day that Shelby and Ethan won’t soon forget.


I could probably write a novel filled with praise for 3rd Street Films… Words can’t accurately describe the true joy Ethan and I feel when we watch our wedding videos and we could not be happier with how our story was told. 3rd Street Films is incredibly talented in that they not only capture the wedding day but they capture the emotions of the day and have this unbelievable ability to piece together hours and hours of footage and tell the most beautiful love story. We would use them again in a heartbeat, absolutely no questions asked. Thank you 3rd Street Films for taking us back to our wedding day time and time again! The way you were able to capture everything and tell our love story is unlike anything we’ve ever seen before and far surpassed our expectations and is better than we could have ever imagined! We truly can’t thank you enough!!!!  ~  Ethan and Shelby Douville

Shelby and Ethan, we can’t thank YOU enough for being such wonderful costars in your wedding film, and such gracious clients.  We are truly flattered by your kind words and are honored to have been a part in your special day.  And special thanks to photographer extraordinaire Abby Rose Photo for being so fun to work with and for allowing us to use your beautiful images.  Congratulations Shelby and Ethan!

Sarah Graziosi
Editor | 3rd Street Films


Reception Venue | Detroit Athletic Club
Ceremony Venue | Saint Paul on the Lake Catholic Church
Photography | Abby Rose Photography
Coordinator | Julia Alden
Florals | Flowers by Gabby
Entertainment | Skyline & the Backstreet Horns

Anastasia and Thomas’s Lovett Hall Wedding

Today as the cold weather persists outside, I’d like to bring you a slice of sunshine in the form of Anastasia and Thomas’s Lovett Hall wedding! Although they certainly had a beautiful sunny day for their wedding, their personalities and their love were just as warm and bright.  I think their film tells their story better than I can, so go ahead and watch it!

Sarah Graziosi
Editor | 3rd Street Films

Photography | Rachel Shomsky
Florals | Breath of Spring
Band | 50 Amp Fuse
Ceremony | St. Paul Lutheran Church, Dearborn MI
Reception | Lovett Hall, Dearborn MI


Shelby and Ethan’s DAC Wedding

Happy 2015!!!

I am so excited to share Shelby and Ethan’s DAC wedding!  These two are just the sweetest couple and they had an absolute blast on their winter wedding day, which makes for a wonderful wedding film!  When Shelby wasn’t shedding happy tears (she is a self-proclaimed weeper), she was cracking the biggest grin all day!   

DAC winter weddingShelby and Ethan met during training for a new job, on a 90 minute train ride from Milwaukee to Chicago.  Ethan was hooked instantly, and called his mom (aww) to tell her that he had met someone.  The rest is history!

Their day was full of special little moments between the two of them and their family and friends whom they love so much.  Ethan’s face was priceless as he watched Shelby bust out a spontaneous rendition of “All I Want For Christmas is You” while they were taking photos at Campus Martius!

DAC winter wedding

Shelby included touches of her family’s tartan throughout the wedding as a nod to their Scottish heritage. Another important part of her life are her sorority sisters.  They had a really heartwarming tradition of gathering together at some point during the day and each girl in the circle shared a fun story about Shelby and encouragement to her for married life.  It was one of my favorite parts of the day because it was so unique and heartfelt, and they also got a little silly

DAC winter wedding


DAC winter wedding

We had a wonderful time shooting alongside the very talented Abby of Abby Rose Photo.  Kudos to her for these absolutely stunning images!

Congratulations to Shelby and Ethan!!

Sarah Graziosi
Editor | 3rd Street Films

Ceremony Venue | Saint Paul on the Lake Catholic Church, Grosse Pointe MI
Reception Venue | Detroit Athletic Club, Detroit MI
Photography | Abby Rose Photo
Wedding Coordinator | Julia Alden
Florals | Flowers by Gabby
Band | Skyline & the Backstreet Horns