Wedding Editing Schedule

2021 Weddings

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WeddingCoupleDue DateStatus
3/28/2021Victoria and Michael6/28/2021COMPLETED
5/12/2021Samantha and Jeffrey8/15/2021COMPLETED
5/30/2021Deena and Ali8/30/2021COMPLETED
6/25/2021Laura and Marco9/25/2021COMPLETED
8/7/2021Molly and Andrew11/7/2021COMPLETED
8/14/2021Jillian and Ratnesh11/14/2021COMPLETED
8/21/2021Ellen and Josh11/21/2021COMPLETED
9/3/2021Tara and Michael1/12/2022COMPLETED
9/5/2021Rebecca and Brett1/28/2022IN PROGRESS
9/11/2021MacKenzie and Landon2/4/2022
9/24/2021Kassidy and John2/11/2022
10/2/2021Gena and Cody2/18/2022
11/20/2021Robyn and Jordan2/22/2022
12/4/2021Robyn and Jason3/4/2022
12/10/2021Allie and Frank3/10/2022
12/11/2021Ashley and Darrell3/11/2022
1/8/2022Lindsey and Adam4/8/2022