A few years ago I had no clue what an EMT test prep course was. Also a few years ago I never would have guessed the phone call from Dr. Chris Seitz would result in over 20 days of filming, 400 hours of editing, and more than 50 videos.

In addition to weddings, 3rd Street Films also produces commercial work under the name Clearview Media. The Clearview Media team partnered with Dr. Chris Seitz and his brother Jason, who is a firefighter, paramedic, and RN to create an EMT test prep course. The course is designed to help aspiring EMT’s, paramedics, and AEMT’s pass the cognitive exam of the EMT test. The NREMT, or National Registry, is the final test for EMT’s and paramedics before they can practice in the field. With a failure rate of around 30%, our goal was to create a full-featured program like nothing else currently on the market to help students be more successful.

And I am proud to say the program launched this past August 2020!

This course EMT study guides, over 15 hours of content, and quizzes for students to test their learning. You can learn more about Seitz and Sirens at their website, YouTube channel, and Facebook.

The comprehensive EMT test prep course was designed from the ground up based on the national registry standards. The instructors are working professionals in emergency medicine with hands-on experience in the categories you will be tested on.