We make videos for businesses and organizations using the power of story.

Working With Us

We leverage time-tested storytelling techniques to engage your audience and share your brand message. Yes, we are a video production company, but we don’t just show up with a camera, hit record, and hand off the files. We work with our clients from start to finish making sure your brand message speaks to your intended audience. We help them determine the purpose behind their video and collaborate through the entire process to make sure they have the reach, impact, and return on investment that they desire.

Impact Stories

We like to call case studies “Impact Stories” because they show the impact of your product or service with real customers. They are authentic and can create a strong emotional appeal that is relevant to your audience. Case studies are anecdotal, not scientific, and allow the audience to relate to the main character in a personal way.

Documentary Storytelling

Brand Stories

We were challenged by Meritor to show, not only what they do, but why they do it. For Meritor employee and firefighter Roger Freeman, it’s about always having pride in what you do and helping people.    

The Inspiring Story of Bilateral Below-knee Amputee Molly Knull. What better way to share the story of a prosthetics company than through the experience of its customers.