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Wedding Videography

We’re in the business of telling your wedding day story. For us, this means capturing your event in the most authentic way possible so your personalities truly shine through. Each filmmaker is an expert at creating experiences where you can relax, have fun, and enjoy all the amazing moments your day.

After 18 year in business and raising a family of my own, we have learned that relationships and personal interactions are the foundation of every great wedding. This is why we prioritize people over details. We tell every couple that given a choice of filming a special moment between a bride and her mother or a detail shot of a dress or venue, we will always prioritize the special moments with your loved ones!

Boutique Wedding Films

3rd Street Films is a boutique-style film studio producing cinematic wedding videos. Our expert videographers document the details, candid moments, and intimate exchanges that make your wedding day special. We offer a fresh approach to wedding videography by creating beautiful, modern, one-of-a-kind wedding films.

Our Story

Our love for weddings started 18 years ago. It was exciting to spend the day with fun couples and buy the latest and greatest camera gear.

But after a few years, we realized that our films looked a bit too familiar. We couldn’t tell the difference between ours and the videographers down the road. Sure we made good films. But when you’re trying to capture a unique event, “good” simply is not good enough.

So we challenged ourselves to develop our own style. If we were going to tell stories of unique couples, we needed to stand out ourselves. And that’s where our story really takes off.

We studied the science of compelling wedding films. Stories that capture the special relationship between the bride and groom, friends and family. We knew the fastest way to create amazing wedding films wasn’t to buy new gear but to focus on relationships first.

And we learned to speak straight to the heart of our couples. As soon as we started putting people first, we connected with couples in a new way.

Story showed us the way to finally stand out. Now, our films prioritize people and relationships over everything else. We love a beautiful dress shot, but a beautiful moment between a bride and her mother is even more special.

And we want to share your unique story too. Because your special day is too important to be just another trendy wedding video.